Artist’s Statement

The ability of the human spirit to endure and tell its story inspires me. Travelling throughout the world, and living in Europe, Asia and both coasts of the United States have given me the opportunity to observe the everyday life of their people. Their passions, struggles, and spirit move me to respond in paint.

All countries are full of contrasts: wealth and poverty, good and bad, integrity and corruption, reflecting their complex histories and the lost cultures that exist just below the surface. I especially connect with the freedom and colors of Mexican art and architecture, as well as with the women in the book Painted Prayers: Woman’s Art in Village India by Stephen P. Huyler.

As part of my art-making process, in my travels I fill books with small gouache paintings, and these studies create springboards for larger works in acrylic on canvas. Then I come home to the beauty and boldness of the Maine coast, its islands, and its people.

Priscilla Hayes